Tips For Creating Marketing Messages

Marketing is a skill that will change on a daily basis.  What worked today or worked last year can be total death for your business today.  One thing that will always work however is creating popular and highly desired promotional products harrisburg that you can give away to promote your business.

Why use promotional products

People love getting stuff for free.  You are working on the mental mindset of getting something for nothing.  So, when you get a shirt, a bag or a pen it seems like you are receiving something of value.  The way that doing this benefits the company or cause giving it to you is that you will have the product in front of you which reinforces the message of the company when you might need it as well as create a relationship between the two of you even on a superficial level.  They did for you now you do for us.

Keep messages simple

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When working with merch you have limited space as well as limited attention spans.  So, when you are creating your merch it is important that you keep your message short.  This means the name of your company, logo, phone number etc.  If you try to push too much information, then your message will be lost.

Make it readable

You will also want to ensure that your message is readable.  This means using a light text on a dark background and a dark text on a light background.  You want to supply with the most relevant information such as name, phone number, address and web site.  When focusing on this core information people will have a quick way to contact you when your services and products are needed.


Finally, you want your content to be shareable.  This can be a pen, button, mousepad, shirt, hat or something that people will wear, use or pass around.  When you do this, your message is advertising for you in specific areas that your traditional marketing can’t reach.