Take These Steps Immediately if You Lose Your Credit or Debit Card

Nobody wants to imagine the scenario where they lose their credit or debit card, but sometimes this very stressful event happens even to the best of us. You might accidentally leave it behind somewhere, it could fall out of your bag or wallet, or a malicious actor could try to get their hands on it. Knowing what to do in the event that it happens is crucial to making sure you protect your funds.

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What Should You Do?

In the event that your card goes missing, you will want to act quickly to protect yourself from fraud and protect your money from being used without your consent. Take these steps to make sure you prevent any misuse of your funds and get a replacement card quickly:

1. Contact your bank and have your account frozen right away.

The first thing you should do is ensure no money can be spent in your account while your card is missing. Freezing your account will make sure a thief can’t use your card if it has been stolen.

2. Close your current account and reopen a new one.

This will take some time at the bank, but it is worth it to protect your funds. You will be able to decide if any transactions should be able to clear through your old account, and the representative will help you transfer funds from your old account to your new one, setting you up with a brand new card and account number.

This may seem a drastic step, but it is easily the best way to protect yourself against fraud.

3. File a police report if necessary.

If you definitively believe your old card was stolen, file a police report as soon as you can. This can help put the police on alert that potential fraud or identity theft could be going on.

Friendly banking pros like the ones at Columbia Bank South Plainfield don’t want to see their customers have their money stolen or become a victim of fraud, and they will typically do everything in their power to give you a hand to make sure your money is protected in the event that your card goes missing. Take these steps right away, and your money should be just fine.