Green Cleaning vs. Conventional Cleaning

It is not uncommon these days to hear about the importance of going green. Living green is all about doing our part to help the environment around us, recycle, and reducing our huge footprint on our planet. Some people think that recycling some of their trash and being energy-efficient are some of the main ways of going green, but did you know there is such a thing as green cleaning, as well?

Whether you want to bring green cleaning into your home, or use an eco friendly commercial cleaning colorado springs company for your office, there are several ways that green cleaning is a better (and safer) route than traditional cleaning.

How is Green Cleaning Better?

We’re all pretty familiar with conventional cleaning methods and products, so let’s explore some of the ways green cleaning beats them out:

·    Green cleaning products are much safer

Not just for the environment, but for your home, as well. Conventional cleaning products are mixed with all kinds of chemicals that can be toxic or flammable, and can be dangerous for animals or younger members of the family. Green cleaning products are typically made from natural sources, and are not toxic.

·    You can make several green cleaning products yourself

While you may not be able to mix up a conventional cleaning solution with a bunch of chemicals, it is fairly simple to create green cleaning solutions with things you can easily find around the house. Vinegar, for instance, is an excellent mold and mildew remover or even window cleaner.

·    You know what you’re using

Green cleaning products and solutions are quite transparent about what they contain, and as an added benefit, most of their ingredients come from. Many conventional cleaning products aren’t clear about what is in the product, and some omit that information entirely.

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Green cleaning can be another part of the green lifestyle, where you can do your part to help the environment, and feel good doing it. It can also be a great solution for home and commercial cleaning, helping you save money, feel safer about the cleaning products you use, and so much more.